Baggage Transfer

Your luggage will be collected and transferred to your accommodation to leave you free to enjoy your walk.  

Our drivers are fully insured to carry luggage on our van.

Please ensure that each bag does not weigh more than 20kgs. It is essential that the value of bag and contents do not exceed £200.

Bags CANNOT have other bags tied to the outside .

We usually aim to pick up your bags around 9am and deliver to your next accommodation by 4pm. However, you do not have to worry about that because we liaise with your accommodation provider directly. 

If you are starting your walk on the day you arrive and/or leaving on the day you complete your walk, we can arrange to meet you at the train or bus station to collect/deliver your luggage.

Baggage Labels  

We provide our own Walk Lite Baggage Labels, which we attach to your bags at the first collection point.

We would ask that you keep the label attached to your luggage throughout the duration of your holiday to ensure that your baggage can easily be identified and moved to its next destination.

Our Prices


£15.00 for a single bag

£20.00 for two bags

£10.00 for subsequent bags

Per bag per day

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Charity Walk

£13.50 for a single bag

£18.00 for two bags

£9.00 for subsequent bags

Per bag per day  

Please donate 10%  to your chosen charity

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