Some helpful hints to help you plan

Finding accommodation to fit the route of the Gloucestershire Way is one of the big challenges.

One of the joys of the route is that it takes you into quiet areas of countryside but the wonderful walking experience does come at a price - finding somewhere to stay …

We have worked to make that easier for you by tailoring daily sections to available accommodation, including adding a loop at one point to make sure you have somewhere to sleep on one of the most tricky sections!

Feel free to follow our suggestions or book your own accommodation to suit your plans - we can move baggage from anywhere so don't feel tied to what we have suggested. 

Airbnb does present particular challenges and before you book one, it would be helpful if you could get in touch first to make sure the transfer can be managed.

*Please note that Cheltenham Festival Week (12th - 15th March 2019) will be extremely busy and you may find it difficult to book accommodation.